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Auer Hias


With the knowledge of our ancestors, we are already thinking about tomorrow. We always try to live in harmony with nature, because we are aware an intact earth keeps us alive.

We make sure that you can enjoy your stay
with a clear conscience.

1 / A solar system supplies the hot water.

2 / We use a photovoltaic system to generate electricity.
3 / Our heating works with a wood chip system and is operated exclusively with wood waste from our forest.
4 / Our house was built out of wood, with every piece harvested by ourselves in our forest within the "moon-phase".
5 / An environmentally certified Isocell insulation ensures that the cozy warmth stays in the house.
6 / Our showers use special water-saving wellness shower heads.
7 / We clean absolutely chemical-free with dry steam.
8 / Last but not least, we attach great importance to waste separation - there is a well-signposted area on the farm for this purpose.
Auer Hias St. Wolfgang

Even more

Sustainability at our farm

To keep our animals happy and healthy, we must also take good care of our land.


We use only the manure, our herd produces. The bedding in the barn is enriched with coal grit and microorganisms, which immediately get into the cow dung, where they prevent odour, reduce the amonia output of the solid manure and ensure that fewer flies buzz around. All of this contributes to the health of our Angus cattle.


The coal grit we bring into the meadow through manuring also stores the rain in the soil for a longer period of time, which helps to build up humus.

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