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Auer Angus


Sustainable & careful treatment of our Angus cattle as well as our farm is priority number one of our daily actions.

We are often asked why we've chosen Angus cattle. The answer is not hard. They are very good-natured, genetically hornless and have a high feed conversion ratio. That's why our animals don't get concentrated feed, only fresh grass, hay and grass silage from our own meadows. But the best is yet to summer they can enjoy the alp and the diverse range of meadow herbs and flowers. And that you can taste! Want to find out more about sustainability on our  farm? Click here.

The meat is distinguished by its unique taste, its strong red color and its fine marbling of fat. In addition, the meat is fine-fibered and remains very juicy and tender even after roasting.

Rohes Steak

Fresh meat

Either as a pre-order in the fresh meat package or depending on availability in the shop.



Depending on availability, there are sausages, hard sausages, puszta, käsekrainer, etc.



Seasonally we offer barbecue packages, Christmas roast, spare ribs and much more

Wanna taste?

Depending on availability, you can find our Auer Angus products in the farm shop. We would also be happy to put you on a list and contact you the next time we slaughter.

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